Covid-19 Infection Insurance

$3,000 cash payout upon Covid-19 or dengue diagnosis, and much more

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Covid-19 Infection Insurance‚Äč

Are you worried about getting Covid? Want to protect yourself, your family, or your employees from the massive medical costs if you contract Covid?

This insurance is perfect for you.

Get Covid-19 diagnosis insurance now, from as low as $18/month

Death From Disease: $50,000

Permanent Disability from Disease: $50,000

Outpatient/Inpatient Treatment: $2,000

Hospital Cash Benefit: $50/day (6 months)

Ambulance Fee: $200

Death from Accident: $100,000

Permanent Disability from Accident: $100,000

Home/Office Modification: $2,000

Bereavement Benefit: $3,000

Mobility Aid Benefit: $1,000

Facial reconstruction: $5,000

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