Covid-19 Infection Insurance

$3,000 cash payout upon Covid-19 or dengue diagnosis, and much more

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Covid-19 Infection Insurance​

Are you worried about getting Covid-19? Want to protect yourself, your family, or your employees from the massive medical costs if you contract Covid-19?

This insurance is perfect for you.

It covers Covid-19 infections, dengue, and much more. If you get diagnosed with Covid-19 or dengue, this insurance policy will pay you $3,000 to help you with medical costs. 

Get Covid-19 infection insurance now, from as low as $18/month

Diagnosis of Covid-19 OR Dengue: $3,000

Death From Disease: $50,000

Permanent Disability from Disease: $50,000

Outpatient/Inpatient Treatment: $2,000

Hospital Cash Benefit: $50/day (6 months)

Ambulance Fee: $200

Death from Accident: $100,000

Permanent Disability from Accident: $100,000

Home/Office Modification: $2,000

Bereavement Benefit: $3,000

Mobility Aid Benefit: $1,000

Facial reconstruction: $5,000

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