Buy 1st Year Commercial Insurance,
Get 2nd Year Free

Get Free $250 Pre-loaded Corporate Credit Card (spend anywhere you wish)

Renowned global insurers

Broad coverage & high indemnity guaranteed

Expert brokers with 20+ years experience on call for advice

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Our partners are the world's top insurers


Key benefits:

1. Free corporate credit card with $250 for you to spend anywhere
2. Up to 10x credit limit based on deposit size in your corporate bank account
3. Rapid & simple approval

How to claim your free business insurance
& corporate credit card?

Step 1

Sign up by 17th January

Take a few seconds to fill the sign-up form.

Step 2
We'll reach out in 3 days

After you sign up, we'll contact you to let you know if you've qualified for this offer.

Step 3

Purchase your policy

When you purchase your policy, we'll guarantee you a free 2nd year, subject to simple terms & conditions. You'll also get your corporate credit card with $250 to spend, no approval required.

Who are we?

Provide is Singapore’s first digital insurance broker, specialised in protecting SMEs. We are regulated by MAS.

Our online insurance platform guarantees you the easiest, most affordable way to protect your business. With our highly experienced brokers, no risk is too complex for us to handle. 

Quick & Easy ONLINE Quotes
SAVE UP TO 25% ON ALL insurance types
Broad Coverage & High indemnity Guaranteed
Industry Experts With 20+ years Experience
Easy Claims
Super-simple insurance management platform

Terms & Conditions

  1. Offer only applies to first 200 sign-ups
  2. Offer only applies to companies incorporated and operating in Singapore
  3. We reserve the right to determine all final recipients of this Offer
  4. The maximum subsidy for policies in this Offer shall be:
    a) SGD 2,000 per policy, and SGD2,000 in total premium spend 
  5. You must purchase a policy within 30 days of being notified that you qualify for this Offer for this promotion to be valid
  6. We will match the subsidy for your 2nd year’s annual insurance coverage with the annual insurance premium you pay for your first year of coverage. If the premium for your second year of coverage exceeds the first year’s premiums paid, you will have to pay for the difference
  7. We will do our best to secure an equivalent level of coverage for your policy in the 2nd year. However, this may sometimes not be possible due to insurer underwriting requirements
  8. We reserve the right to determine the choice of insurers for this Offer
  9. For policies purchased under this Offer, you will receive your free 2nd year of coverage upon successful renewal with the insurer
  10. You must appoint Provide (registered name Insur-Asia Pte Ltd) as your insurance broker for the entire period of coverage for policies you purchase via this Offer
  11. There are separate Terms & Conditions governing the use and issuance of BenefitX’s corporate credit card. You are advised to read them at
  12. You will receive your corporate credit card from BenefitX in March 2020, or when BenefitX launches their corporate credit card, whichever comes later.
  13. By registering, you agree to be contacted by and receive marketing materials from Insur-Asia Pte Ltd
  14. Changes to these Terms & Conditions may be made at any time without prior notice

Offer Ends 17th January: Act Now!

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