Marine Cargo Insurance

Provide helps you get the best Marine Cargo Insurance to protect your goods against loss or damage, from the time they leave the warehouse until delivery to their final destination. This insurance covers sea, air, and land shipping.

Marine Cargo Insurance protects your goods from damage, theft, or loss while transported by sea, air, or land, from the time they leave the warehouse until delivery to their final destination.

It’s incredibly common for goods to be chipped, damaged, lost or even stolen while being transported. Marine Cargo Insurance ensures you won’t suffer massive losses from products that go missing or get compromised.
If you ship goods abroad, or receive goods internationally, then this type of protection is vital for your business. 
Marine Cargo Insurance protects shipped goods against:
  • Sinking or collision of vessels
  • Damage during loading or unloading processes 
  • Theft or non-delivery 
  • Piracy
  • Natural disasters such as tsunamis, storms at sea, floods, and earthquakes 
  • Fire or explosion on the ship during transit
This policy does not cover:
  • Wilful misconduct on the part of ship master or crew
  • Loss caused by delay, including delay caused by an insured peril
  • Ordinary wear and tear
  • Inherent vice (damage that can be foreseen as bound to occur)
  • Lack of due diligence of assured or managers
  • Improper or inadequate packaging of shipped goods
This insurance is important if your business falls under these categories:
  • Importers / Exporters
  • Logistics companies
  • Freight forwarders
  • Manufacturers who source goods or deliver goods internationally
  • As part of a contractual requirement by the importer
  • Wish to reduce potential financial loss of goods while in transit

Follow this simple two-step formula to determine your coverage amount:

Premium rates vary from cargo to cargo, largely dependent on the following factors:
  • Type of cargo: Whether perishable goods, hard/soft commodities, electronic or electrical products
  • Point of destination: the longer the route, the higher the premium: or if the sea route is prone to piracy activities in that area
  • The value of the goods for delivery

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