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Retailers Insurance

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Who Needs Retailers Insurance?

Popular examples of retailers include (but are not limited to):
– Grocery/mom-and-pop/convenience stores
– Clothing stores
– Jewellery stores
– Electronics stores
– Hardware goods stores
– Second-hand goods stores
– Florist stores
– Pet animals & pet supplies stores
– Spectacles stores
– Consumer goods stores
– Health supplement stores


As long as you operate a retail store, retail stall in a market, or retail mobile kiosk, you’ll need insurance to protect your property & inventory. 

Why Is Insurance Crucial For Retailers?

Your retail business is exposed to many risks everyday that jeopardise profits and smooth operations.
Damage to inventory: A water pipe could burst in your ceiling, severely damaging your goods. Or a fire could break out at night, incinerating your store and everything in it.
Stolen goods / Robbery / Burglary: Shoplifters could easily steal your goods. Your store might even be robbed, or broken into and burglarised. 
Burglary: Your employees could steal money from your cash register, or steal your inventory. As much as all business owners would like to trust their workers, 35% of businesses in SIngapore have experienced employee fraud.

Injuries to customers:
Some customers might slip and fall in your store, suffering injuries. You can be held liable for personal damages. 

Injuries to workers:
Your workers might injure themselves while working. Singapore law allows employees to make Work Injury Claims against employers.
Defective product causes injury or property damage: If the products you sell cause injuries or property damage to others, you could be sued.

Food poisoning from spoiled produce: Your food products may cause food poisoning, creating legal liability for you.

Having comprehensive insurance is a fantastic investment into making sure your business profits are never unduly affected by such common business threats.

What Insurance Do Retailers Need?

Adequate protection is required for the different phases of distribution. The retailer is the last link in the chain of distribution, and it is important to address risk that is inherent in the upstream/ in-store/ downstream activities through a comprehensive insurance policy
We can broadly categorize the risk to the type of insurance required:
Logistic – Inland transit, Work Injury Compensation, Marine Cargo, Motor
Warehousing- Property insurance
In-Store – Product Liability, Trade Credit, Cyber Insurance, Fidelity, Business interruption

Top Recommended Insurance For Retailers

  • Fantastic all-in-one solution to many common business risks.
  • Covers property, fire, group PA, public liability, business interruption, money, fidelity guarantee, and much more.
  • Very popular insurance bought by SME owners.
  • Protects you from legal liability if your employees get injured or sick while working.

  • Pays for employee medical fees for injuries or illness.

  • Compulsory by law for workers performing manual labour, or any worker earning less than $1,600/month.
  • Very common insurance bought by SMEs.
  • Protects your property and its contents (e.g. inventory, equipment, documents).
  • Covers fire, lightning, burglary, explosions, burst pipes, and many more common threats.
  • Essential if you own or rent a store space, and carry inventory.
  • Protects you from legal liability for injuries or property damage to third-parties (e.g. customers)
  • Pays lawyer fees and damages for injury or property lawsuits from third-parties
  • Very popular insurance bought by SMEs.
  • Protects you from non-payment of trade receivables.
  • Guarantees good cash flow. Very useful, especially if you have a few big sales accounts.
  • Increase your revenue by selling more on open terms.
  • Opens access to trade receivables financing  for your company.
  • Protects  you from legal liability from products you  sell or manufacture.
  • Pays for lawyer fees, and legal damages for property damage or injuries caused by your products.
  • Particularly useful if you sell industrial goods, electronics, home appliances, children’s products, and other consumer goods in general.

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