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Business Insurance Packages

Business insurance package deals, available for 200+ different industries. Covers fire, public liability, worker injuries, business interruption, and more.

work injury compensation insurance WICA insurance

Work Injury Compensation

Covers your employees against work-related injuries/sickness, including Covid-19. Legally required by MOM for certain workers.

public liability insurance

Public Liability Insurance

Protects you from third-party liability for injuries and property damage. Pays for legal expenses like lawyer fees, and damages you become liable to pay.

industrial all risks insurance

Commercial Property

Protects your business premises against major risks like fire, explosions, water damage, and more. Available for all property types, like factories, F&B, retail spaces, offices, warehouses, and more.

professional indemnity insurance

Professional Indemnity

Protects you from business lawsuits related to negligence, errors & omissions, contract breaches, defamation, IP infringement, and more.

directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance

Directors & Officers Liability

Protects board directors and senior management from business lawsuits. Covers negligence, errors & omissions, shareholder lawsuits, employee lawsuits, and more.

employee health benefits company health insurance

Employee Health Benefits

Comprehensive corporate medical insurance for your company. Covers hospitalisation & surgery, and can be customised to include outpatient visits, dental benefits, and more.

business interruption insurance

Business Interruption

Compensates you for lost business income, if you can't operate your business due to major risks, e.g. fire, water damage, power outages, and more.

cyber insurance

Cyber Insurance

Covers data breaches, system restoration costs, data liability, and more. Essential for all businesses that have an online presence.

covid 19 insurance

Covid and Dengue Insurance

Covers Covid-19 and Dengue diagnosis.

marine cargo insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance

Covers shipments of goods worldwide. Pays for goods damage/loss. Available on a single-shipment or annual cover basis.

inland transit insurance

Inland Transit Insurance

Covers your goods being shipped within Singapore. Protects against goods damage, loss, and theft.

commercial vehicle insurance

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Covers your vehicles against damage, and covers you from liability while driving. Covers vans, lorries, trucks, buses, and more. Whole fleet cover available.

product liability insurance

Product Liability Insurance

Protects your business against legal liability if your products cause injuries or property damage to others.

foreign worker medical insurance

Foreign Worker Medical

MOM requires employers to purchase Foreign Worker Medical policies for all Work Permit and S-Pass holders. This policy protects your foreign employees if they require medical treatment.

foreign worker security bond

Foreign Worker Bond

MOM requires employers to purchase a security bond for all foreign workers. This bond helps you easily comply with MOM's regulatory requirements.

performance bonds

Insurance Bonds

We offer all types of bonds: construction bonds, surety bonds, performance bonds, employment agency bonds, and more.

trade credit insurance

Trade Credit Insurance

Covers your lost accounts receivable, if your customers don't pay you for your goods.

machinery and equipment breakdown insurance

Machinery & Equipment Breakdown

Protects you against sudden breakdown of machinery & equipment. Covers all types of equipment: manufacturing equipment, boilers, ovens, complex tools, and more.

group personal accident insurance

Group Personal Accident Insurance

Covers employees for injuries sustained. Pays generous lump sum benefits for disability or death.

contractors all risk insurance

Contractors All Risk Insurance

Contractors All Risk Insurance (CAR Insurance) protects your business against liability for property damage or injuries during renovation/construction projects.

handcuffed arrested man behind prison bars. copy space

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

Covers theft/fraud committed by employees. Also covers vicarious liability for theft/fraud committed against third-parties.

commercial general liability insurance

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Combines public liability, product liability, and advertising liability into one policy. Essential for manufacturers. Often requested for in contracts.

boat insurance

Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance (a.k.a Pleasure Craft Insurance) protects your water vessel from hull damage and 3rd-party marine liability. It can cover boats, yachts, jet skis, and more.