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Car Insurance Singapore

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Provide offers you the quickest & easiest way to purchase Car Insurance in Singapore. You can compare multiple quotes, and pick the plan you like best. We can cover more than 1,000+ different models of vehicles.

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What are some special features of this Car Insurance?

With Provide, you’ll get excellent benefits for your Car Insurance

60% NCD

  • Get up to 60% NCD – most insurers only offer up to 50%

Transferable NCD protector

  • Transfer your NCD protector from another insurer – most insurers don’t allow you to transfer your NCD protector

Lifetime warranty on repair parts

  • Lifetime warranty so you never have to worry about repaired car parts breaking again

$0 excess available

  • Pay nothing out-of-pocket if you have a claim

4% car camera discount

  • Get a discount if you have a front-facing car camera

Low mileage discount

  • Get a discount if you drive under 8,000km/year

SOS policy for drivers with prior at-fault claims

  • If you’ve been declined coverage by other insurers, or had 2 or more at-fault claims, we can still provide you coverage, subject to some terms

24-Hour Accident Assistance: 

  • Help is on the way if you ever get into an accident

What are the main types of Car Insurance policies?

There are 3 main kinds of Car Insurance policies. Coverage depends on the type of policy you purchase. 

Comprehensive Policy: 

  • Covers repair/replacement of your vehicle if it gets damaged, e.g. road accidents.
  • Covers injuries you sustain due to road accidents
  • Covers third-party liability, e.g. you injure someone else in a road accident. Pays for the other party’s injuries, and car damage.
  • Covers flood damage and riot damage
  • Some policies will provide towing services as a nice benefit.
  • Choose whether you want coverage for “Authorised Workshops Only”, or “Any Workshop”

Third-Party + Fire/Theft Policy: 

  • Coverage if you injure someone else in an accident. Pays for the other party’s injuries, and car damage. Covers only fire/theft for your own vehicle.
  • Does not cover injuries you suffer in car accidents. Does not cover damage to your own vehicle from road accidents.

Third-Party-Only Policy:

  • Coverage if you injure someone else in an accident. Pays for the other party’s injuries, and car damage.
  • Does not cover your own injuries/vehicle damage. 

Most car owners will purchase the Comprehensive policy. This provides you the highest level of coverage.

What kinds of cars can be covered?

We provide coverage from leading insurers for 1,000+ models.

  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • Mazda
  • Porsche
  • BMW
  • Mercedes
  • …and much more

As long as it’s got wheels and it moves, we’ll be able to match you to a great insurer at attractive premiums.

Is Car Insurance legally compulsory?

Yes. The legal minimum is to have a Third-Party Only policy. This covers liability to third-parties (e.g. other cars , pedestrians, etc.) while driving on the road. For instance, if you knock someone down while driving your car, you would be liable for causing personal injury. Penalties for driving a car without a valid insurance policy include a prison sentence, and/or a fine. 

Although Third-Party Only policies are the legal minimum, they are rarely purchased. This is because Third-Party Only policies do not cover any damage to your own vehicle. If you get into an accident, you’ll have to pay for all the repairs yourself. The most popular option, therefore, is the Comprehensive policy. This protects you against both third-party liability, and also against damage to your own car.

Are there discounts if I have multiple vehicles?

Yes, you’ll qualify for a discount. If you have multiple vehicles to insure, you can often save 10-25% or more on your premiums.

Does coverage include driving to countries outside of Singapore?

Yes, absolutely. Most Car Insurance policies will cover West Malaysia, and Southern Thailand. Insurers recognise that drivers may need to travel to other countries to transport goods, or people. This overseas coverage is therefore very useful to ensure that your vehicle is well-protected on foreign roads.

There is no additional premium needed to cover West Malaysia and Southern Thailand. It comes standard as part of most Car Insurance policies.

How much is Car Insurance in Singapore?

Annual premiums start from as low as $29/month. Speak with us today to get your quote.

Car insurance prices depend on several factors:

  • Model and brand of vehicle
  • Age of vehicle
  • No. of insurance claims filed, and any No Claims Discount (NCD)
  • Driving experience

What are the benefits of using Provide for Car Insurance?

  • Compare multiple quotes to get the best deal

  • Expert insurance team with 20+ years combined experience serving both SMEs and large multinational firms

  • Available by phone 7 days a week 

Compare Car Insurance quotes from renowned insurers. From as low as $29/month. Speak with our experts today!