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As a cleaning contractor, your clients trust you to deliver a safe and sanitised environment, especially during this pandemic. However, if your cleaning services cause property damage or injures people, cleaning contractors can face serious litigation issues. WIth Provide, you can tailor a policy that protects you, your employees, and the premises/equipment you use.

What insurance do cleaning contractors need?

  • Professional indemnity insurance: Coverage if you are sued for defective work, negligence, errors & omissions, defamation, and other causes. Also covers errors made by sub-contractors, which is very important.
    For instance, there was some defective or poor workmanship in your renovation project. This resulted in water leaks and poor structural integrity. If your client sues you for workmanship errors, this insurance will pay for lawyer’s fees and court-awarded damages.
  • Public liability insurance: Coverage if you damage third-party property, or cause injuries to others during your renovation. 
    This insurance will pay for lawyer’s fees if you are sued for such causes, medical expenses to injured parties, and any damages awarded.
  • Work injury insurance: Coverage for employee injuries/sickness, including Covid-19 infections.
    Pays for medical expenses, lost wages, and lawyer’s fees if you workers sue you for creating an unsafe work environment.
  • Foreign worker medical insurance: Legally mandatory coverage for foreign workers. Pays for medical expenses like surgery and hospitalisation.
  • Property all risks insurance: Coverage for risks like fire, water leaks, burglary, etc. Protects your business premises (e.g. office), and its contents (e.g. computers, tools).
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What are the major risks cleaning contractors face?

  • Property damage or injuries caused to third-parties while performing cleaning works
  • Employee injuries or Covid-19 infections. Under Singapore’s Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA), businesses are liable for compensating employees for work-related injuries/sickness.  You’ll need Work Injury Compensation Insurance to cover this.
  • Damage/loss of cleaning equipment

What are the benefits of using Provide for cleaning contractors insurance?

Provide gets you tailored online quotes for cleaning contractors insurance, at the lowest premiums. 
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  • Expert insurance team with 20+ years experience serving both SMEs and large multinational firms
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