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Provide offers doctors the easiest & most affordable way to protect their clinics. Whether you’re a GP or Specialist, you can get comprehensive coverage for property/equipment damage, employee injuries, and professional liability. Protect your practice today, with Provide.

What insurance do GP/Specialist clinics need?

  • Professional indemnity insurance: Coverage if you are sued for negligence, errors & omissions, defamation, and other causes.

    For example, if you make mistakes while developing a website/software, causing your clients to suffer losses, your clients could file a civil suit against you for errors & omissions. 

  • Public liability insurance: Coverage if you are found guilty of libel or slander.
    For instance, you make verbal claims (slander) and written claims (libel) about a competitor’s services that are later found to be untrue, resulting in you being sued. 
  • Work injury insurance: Coverage for mistakes that occurred before you bought Professional Indemnity Insurance.
    Professional Indemnity Insurance is usually structured on a “Claims Made” basis. This means that even if your claimable event occurred several years ago, as long as you file a claim while your current policy is active, you will be protected. You must have held uninterrupted Professional Indemnity coverage for this retroactive protection to apply.
  • Office property insurance: Coverage for risks like fire, water leaks, damage to computers, etc.
    For instance, you run a construction company and subcontract work to electricians. They do a poor job of wiring your client’s property, causing damage and injuries. Both your subcontractor and your company are sued.
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What are the major risks medical clinics face?

  • Being sued by clients for wrongful/negligent web development which leads to the client suffering business losses 
  • Death, injury or illness of employees. You’ll need Work Injury Compensation Insurance to cover this.
  • Damage to office premises from risks like fire, water leaks, burglary, etc.
  • Cyber attacks that steal confidential customer data from you

How much does GP/Specialist Clinic Insurance cost?


Coverage amount (example)


Medical Malpractice Insurance

$1 million

From $89/month

Commercial Property Insurance


From $19/month, for a comprehensive Medical Clinic Insurance package deal


Public Liability Insurance


Work Injury Compensation Insurance (WICA Insurance)

$10 million common law annual limit


$45,000 medical expenses cover per worker

Business Interruption Insurance


Cyber Insurance


From $49/month

Why use Provide for Medical Clinic Insurance?

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  • Expert insurance team with 20+ years experience serving both SMEs and large multinational firms.
  • Available by phone 7 days/week.

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