Covid-19 (coronavirus) and your business

Confused about how Covid-19 affects your business insurance? Get answers at our Covid-19 FAQ. If you have employees, protect them with Covid-19 Infection Insurance.

Restaurant insurance

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As a restaurant owner, your customers trust you to deliver amazing food and great service. However, if your customers get sick from your food or get injured in your premises, restaurant owners can face serious litigation issues. WIth Provide, you can tailor a policy that protects you, your employees, your customers, and the premises/equipment you use.
  • Professional indemnity insurance: Coverage for your mistakes while performing services for clients. Protects you from lawsuits for negligence, errors & omissions, defamation, and more. Also covers subcontractor mistakes, so if you outsource any IT work you’ll be well-protected. 
  • Property all risks insurance: Coverage for your premises and its contents (e.g. computer equipment, servers, etc.) against an extremely broad range of risks. Hazards like fire, water leaks, burglary, and more are covered.
  • Work injury compensation insurance: Coverage for employee injuries/sickness. Includes coverage for Covid-19 infections due to work-related causes.
  • Public liability insurance: Coverage for injuries or property damage to third-parties caused by your business.
    For instance, a client slips and falls in your office. You can be held liable for paying their medical expenses, and paying personal injury damages.
  • Cyber liability insurance: Coverage for cyber attacks that steal your data, your client’s data, causes your systems to crash, etc. Pays for data recovery costs, systems repairs, and legal fees if you are sued for data breaches.  
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  • Food poisoning liability: from clients due to allegations of deficient work. Such lawsuits could allege negligence or errors & omissions.
  • Lawsuits against directors: Management-related claims such as negligence. You’ll need Directors & Officers Liability Insurance to cover this.
  • Employee injuries/infections: Death, injury or illness of employees. You’ll need Work Injury Compensation Insurance to cover this.
  • Customer injuries: Damage to third-party property, unless arising directly from a professional error.
  • Property damage: Hackers could target your business, causing system failures, or stealing sensitive data from your business. If your clients’ data is leaked or stolen, you could face the threat of expensive liability lawsuits.
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