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Foreign Worker Medical Insurance protects your foreign employees if they require medical treatment. It's legally required by MOM for all Work Permit and S-Pass holders.

If you wish to hire a foreign worker, you must purchase Foreign Worker Medical Insurance for them. MOM’s application process requires you to submit insurance details before any Work Pass can be issued.

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What is covered under Foreign Worker Medical Insurance?

Foreign Worker Medical Insurance covers Hospitalisation and Surgery (H&S) fees. This covers expenses like hospital room charges, surgeon’s fees, etc. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) legally requires a minimum of $15,000 in annual coverage, per worker.

Some examples of covered expenses include:
1. Room & board expenses
2. ICU costs
3. Surgical fees
4. Miscellaneous hospital fees
5. Pre and post hospitalisation specialist consultations

Foreign Worker Medical Insurance does not cover outpatient treatments, like visits to the GP for the cold/flu. Such treatments, if desired, would have to be covered under an Employee Health Benefits plan.

Does Foreign Worker Medical Insurance cover Covid-19 infections?

It depends on the specific FWMI policy that you purchase. Some will cover Covid-19, while others may exlude it. It’s good to keep in mind that Covid-19 infections (that are related to work) are covered under WICA Insurance. If you’re concerned about paying for your workers’ Covid-19 costs, you should purchase WICA Insurance as that will be your first line of insurance defense. Do note that, under WICA regulations, all employers in Singapore are legally liable to compensate workers for work-related Covid-19 infections.

Do I need Foreign Worker Medical Insurance? Is Foreign Worker Medical Insurance compulsory?

As long as you wish to hire a Work Permit holder, you must purchase Foreign Worker Medical Insurance. This insurance policy is needed when you wish to submit a Work Permit application to MOM. Without showing proof of insurance, you cannot hire a foreign worker on a Work Permit.

How much Foreign Worker Medical Insurance coverage do I need?

The minimum legal requirement for Foreign Worker Medical Insurance is $15,000 coverage for Hospital and Surgery costs. This amount is mandated by MOM.

Is it illegal to not purchase Foreign Worker Medical Insurance when required?

Yes, it is. Employers who don’t purchase Foreign Worker Medical Insurance can be jailed up to 12 months, fined up to $10,000, or both.

How much does Foreign Worker Medical Insurance cost in Singapore?

Foreign Worker Medical Insurance starts at $6.60/month, per worker. If you have more than 5 foreign workers, group discounts are available. This type of insurance is highly affordable.

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