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As an NDT inspector, your clients trust you to deliver accurate inspection services to ensure projects run smoothly. However, if your inspection work fails to achieve the results your clients want or damage their property, home inspectors can face serious litigation issues. NDT inspector injuries at worksites are also common. 

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What insurance do NDT inspectors need?



Importance for NDT inspectors

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Protects you from lawsuits related to consulting work


Contractors All Risk Insurance

Protects your business premises against property damage, e.g. fire, explosions, certain types of water damage, etc.


Work Injury Compensation Insurance (WICA Insurance)

Protects your employees if they suffer work-related injuries/sickness.

Legally required for all manual workers (e.g. NDT inspectors), or workers who earn <$2,600/month

What are the major risks NDT inspectors firms face?

Lawsuits related to NDT inspection work:

business liability

NDT inspects are at risk of being sued by clients for poor/defective inspection services. If you make mistakes in your work, your client’s machinery could suffer damage. Your clients could suffer other financial losses or physical losses, and hold you liable for these damages. 

Property damage to client’s machines during inspection

machinery and equipment breakdown insurance

While inspecting client property, you may accidentally damage it. A Contractor’s All Risk policy will help cover you from liability for such property damage.

Employee injuries

employee injury

Your employees may get injured while working. NDT inspectors have to travel to different areas and perform a variety of inspections on equipment. Such work can result in injuries to employees. Under the Work Injury Compensation Act, business owners must compensate workers for work-related injuries/incidents. WICA Insurance will cover these work-related injuries/sickness.


How much does NDT Inspectors Insurance cost?


Coverage amount (example)


Professional Indemnity Insurance


From $42/month

Contractors All Risk Insurance (includes Public Liability cover) 

$1 million Public Liability cover

From $83/month

Work Injury Compensation Insurance (WICA Insurance)

$10 million common law annual limit


 $45,000 medical expense sub-limit

From $5/month, per worker


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