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What does Product Liability Insurance cover?

Product Liability Insurance protects you from injuries or property damage caused by the products you manufacture or sell. For example, if you produce or sell electronics, and these electronics overheat and explode, you can be held liable for any injuries or property damage caused. If you sell healthcare products, you can also be held liable for liability if your products make people sick.

Product wholesalers and manufacturers will often carry Product Liability Insurance to protect themselves against such risks. Lawsuits are expensive to deal with, so it’s best to pay a small premium in exchange for protection against potential legal nightmares.

Do I need Product Liability Insurance?

As long as you wholesale or manufacture products, you need Product Liability Insurance. Product Liability coverage is also frequently requested for in contracts with large wholesalers or distributors.

What kinds of products can be covered?

Unless you’re making super-dangerous stuff like nuclear material, almost any kind of products you sell or manufacture can be covered.

Common categories of insurable products include:

Consumer goods

Food and beverages

Industrial equipment and supplies


Can I be sued if I'm just selling/distributing products, but not manufacturing them?

Yes. You can absolutely be held liable for selling products that turn out to be defective. Even if it is the manufacturer’s fault in producing defective products, other parties who sell these defective items can be sued together with the manufacturer.

For instance, let’s say you are a seller of consumer electronics. A batch of goods you sold turn out to be faulty. Your customers can hold you liable for the faulty goods, even if you weren’t the actual manufacturer. Product Liability Insurance would cover your legal expenses, and pay for any damages/settlements awarded. Even if you are cleared of any liability in the end, you will still benefit from having this coverage, since it will pay for the legal fees needed to absolve your name in the courts.

Does coverage apply worldwide?

Yes. Product Liability coverage is normally issued on a worldwide coverage basis. The scope of geographic coverage is naturally extensive, because insurers recognise that sellers or manufacturers may wish to sell their products anywhere in the world.

Product Liability Insurance policies can be issued to cover the following scope of territories:

  • Worldwide, or
  • Worldwide, excluding USA/Canada, or 
  • Region-specific cover (such as Asia only, Europe only, etc.)

What are some Product Liability claims examples?

Claims examples help to illustrate the kinds of situations in which this coverage becomes useful (some might even say life-saving). It’s also easier to understand the kind of protection that this policy will provide when lawsuits start coming at you.

How much Product Liability Insurance do I need?

You should evaluate these factors to decide:

  • Total revenue: The more you sell, the greater your exposure. Have a look at the rough revenue bands below when thinking about coverage amounts. 

  • Countries that you sell your goods to: Markets like the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia/NZ tend to be more litigious, so you’ll need to consider increasing your coverage amount if you sell your goods in these areas.

  • Types of products: Some types of products have a greater potential of causing bodily injury or property damage. For instance, manufacturers of electronic components face a relatively high risk of liability. If the components are used in airplanes, utility control circuit boards, or other applications with a widespread impact on property and human life, any defects in the components could potentially cause huge implications. Manufacturers of food products also have elevated liability, since dirt or bacteria in the products can cause severe food poisoning. Food allergies are also another risk for food producers.

As a very rough guide, consider the following starting amounts:

Revenue under $5 million: Consider at least $500,000 to $1 million coverage, as a bare minimum.

Revenue between $5 million to $10 million: Consider at least $1-3 million coverage, as a bare minimum.

Revenue over $10 million: Consider at least $4 million coverage and beyond, as a bare minimum.

Make sure you speak with an experienced insurance broker before deciding on coverage amounts. Get in touch with us for detailed consultation on the coverage amount that’s appropriate for your business.

How much does Product Liability Insurance cost in Singapore?

Product Liability Insurance policies generally begin from $49/month, for a starting amount of about $500,000 in coverage. Prices will vary depending on your business type and size.

With Provide, you save up to 25% on your annual premiums. That’s because our digital operating model creates lower overheads, and we pass every dollar saved back to our clients.

To get the best coverage for your business at the lowest cost possible, it’s crucial to work with a great broker. Our industry experts, with 20+ years of combined experience, will:
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