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As an entrepreneur running a tuition centre, you’re responsible for ensuring that the children precious children. However, if the children you’re taking care of get injured or sick, childcare providers can face serious litigation issues. Childcare centre staff and their wards are also at high risk of Covid-19 infections.

What does Tuition Centre Insurance cover?



Importance for tuition centres

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Protects you from lawsuits related to educational work


Commercial Property Insurance

Protects your tuition centre against property damage, e.g. fire, explosions, certain types of water damage, etc.


Public Liability Insurance

Protects you against liability to third-parties for property damage or injuries.

E.g. clients slipping & falling in your office due to you negligently leaving the floor wet.


Work Injury Compensation Insurance (WICA Insurance)

Protects your employees if they suffer work-related injuries/sickness.

Legally required for all manual workers, or workers who earn <$2,600/month


Business Interruption Insurance

Provides cash benefit if you cannot operate your tuition centre due to covered reasons, e.g. fire at your office.

Very good to have

Foreign Worker Medical Insurance

Covers medical expenses for foreign workers. Pays for hospitalisation and surgery.

Legally required for foreign workers.

What are some claims examples for tuition centres?

Property damage:

building fire

You’ve probably invested a good sum of money into renovating and renting your tuition centre. If a fire or water damage were to strike your tuition centre, you could suffer large financial losses trying to repair your premises. With Commercial Property Insurance, you would be well protected against such major risks. 

Commercial Property Insurance would cover your premises against fire, explosions, certain kinds of water damage, and more. It would cover your renovations, fixtures & fittings, electronic equipment like computers, and other miscellaneous belongings. 

Employee injuries:

work injury

Under Singapore law, businesses are legally responsible for compensating their employees for all work-related injuries/diseases, including work-related Covid-19. Businesses are liable to pay their employees up to $45,000 for injuries/diseases, and up to $289,000 if they suffer disability. These are large amounts. Work Injury Compensation Insurance would pay for these large expenses that you’re obligated to pay. WICA Insurance is also legally mandatory for employees earning $2,600/month or less, or any worker who performs manual work regardless of salary level. 


How much coverage do I need for tuition centres?

  • Commercial Property Insurance: You should have at least $100,000 to $200,000 coverage. You will need enough coverage to pay for: renovations, fixtures and fittings, equipment, food/drink inventory, and furniture. If you operate a large childcare centre (e.g. you have your own standalone building), consider at least $500,000 coverage and above.

  • Public Liability Insurance: Childcare centres will typically carry $1 million coverage, and above.

  • Work Injury Compensation Insurance: You should insure all your employees. You are legally required to purchase Work Injury Insurance for all manual workers. You must also purchase this insurance for all workers who earn below $2,600/month. However, don’t just stop there – it’s recommended to carry Work Injury Insurance for all your employees, even office-based ones.
  • Business Interruption Insurance: Consider having at least $50,000-$100,000 coverage. Calculate how much gross profit you’d lose if you can’t operate your pub for 3-6 months. Ensure you can cover at least that amount.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: At least $500,000 and above. Any amount below that may be too low to sufficiently cover the cost of legal action against your business.
  • Foreign Worker Medical Insurance: You must purchase Foreign Worker Medical coverage for all foreign workers (S-Pass and Work Permit holders, only). Coverage is a minimum of $15,000 per foreigner.

How much does Tuition Centre Insurance cost?


Coverage amount (example)


Professional Indemnity Insurance


From $42/month

Commercial Property Insurance


From $19/month, for a comprehensive Tuition Centre Insurance Package deal


Public Liability Insurance


Work Injury Compensation Insurance (WICA Insurance)

$10 million common law annual limit


$45,000 medical expenses cover per worker

Business Interruption Insurance


Foreign Worker Medical Insurance


From $6/month, per worker

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