About Your Business

Please make sure to answer honestly, with accurate and up-to-date information. If you don’t, your policy may be cancelled, and your insurer could reject your claim or declare not to pay it in full.

  1. M& A related services
  2. Insolvencies/Liquidations/Receivership
  3. Business Valuations
  4. Investment of financial planning related
  5. Fund or asset management
  6. IT related services
  7. Architecture, Engineering and Construction

  1. Audit or accounting services for publicly listed companies: 20%
  2. Audit or accounting services for financial institutions: 10%
  3. M&A related services: 10%
  4. Insolvencies/Liquidations/Receivership: 10%
  5. Business valuations: 10%
  6. IT Consultancy: 20%
  7. Or if the total of these are more than 20% of the total activities

  1. had a claim made against them related to professional indemnity?
  2. been involved in a court case or investigation related to professional indemnity?

1. Do you perform work offshore or onboard vessels?
2. Do you perform work at Oil & Gas, or Petrochemical sites?

1. Have you filed insurance claims for the risks proposed in the last 3 years?
2. Have you had any business insurance policy cancelled in the last 12 months due to non-payment of premium?

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