Inland Transit Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

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This policy covers loss, destruction or damage to the goods whilst in transit by a lorry, train or any other land conveyance or whilst temporarily housed in the ordinary course of transit within the territorial limit caused by named perils or accidental means.
As the name implies, the policy offers to cover goods transported domestically and on land (not by sea or aerial modes), and most insurers will provide an All-risk cover assuming that the risk is palettable.

This policy does not cover:-

  • loss of any liquid gas or goods from containers by leakage or spilling unless cause by fire, accident to the conveyance or object
    falling on to the conveyance
  • war and allied risks
  • loss or damage caused by weather, atmospheric conditions, wear and tear, moth, vermin, insects, damp, mildew, rust, defective
    packing, hooks or slings, delay, loss or market, depreciation or deterioration, contamination, fermentation or spontaneous
    combustion or consequential loss of any kind.
  • theft or pilferage in which any employee of the insured
  • loss or damage occasioned by confiscation, nationalisation, detention, requisition or willful destruction by authorities.
  • loss or damage whilst the property is temporarily housed in the course of transit for the purpose of storage, making up, packing or
  • any act of terrorism

If you make goods deliveries in Singapore, you would absolutely benefit from (and require) Inland Transit Insurance. This policy would cover damage to your goods, loss of your goods, and theft of your goods. If your goods are damaged or missing, you could incur significant legal liability with your customers. 

Policy coverage is dependent largely on the nature of your request. I.e. If this insurance is for a One-off delivery to a local buyer, the policy limit will need to cover the value of the goods itself, based on the shipment/ delivery value. It will be more complicated to estimate for multiple deliveries of different shipment value & goods, and the total exposure of all vehicles and goods value have to be considered before structuring the policy.

The law does not require sellers to arrange for Inland Transit for deliveries within the country but some private contracts will need the seller to provide insurance cover for goods in transit, especially if the goods value is huge and/or if this is a speciality fabricated product.

Premiums start from as low as $10/shipment, onwards. 

Premiums vary depending on the type and value of the goods, packing of the goods, limit per conveyance, frequency of sending, duration of journey and coverage required. 

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