Food and Beverage Insurance in Singapore

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Food and Beverage Insurance for your business.

Whether you run a cafe, restaurant, take-away store, or even a home-baking operation, you’ll need Food and Beverage insurance to protect your business in Singapore. F&B insurance from Provide starts with property insurance, so that your premises and inventory are protected. You’ll also want to cover yourself against staff injuries and Covid-19 infections, public liability, and employee theft.

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What types of insurance do Food and Beverage businesses need?



Importance for F&B industry

Work injury insurance

Covers work-related injuries/sickness, including Covid-19 infections

Compulsory for back-of-house (e.g. kitchen staff, dishwashers)

Critical for front-of-house

Foreign worker medical insurance

Covers medical expenses (e.g. hospitalisation and surgery)

Compulsory for foreign workers

Commercial property insurance

Covers fire, water damage, burglary, etc.


Public liability insurance, with food poisoning extension

Covers customer injuries, and third-party property damage (e.g. during renovations)


Fidelity guarantee insurance

Covers employees stealing money from you

Good to have

Commercial property insurance

shop fire insurance

Commercial property insurance will protect your store premises, business inventory, display windows, and all other shop contents.

Public liability insurance

public liability insurance

Public liability insurance will protect you from liability for injuries/property damage to third parties

Fidelity guarantee insurance

fidelity guarantee insurance

Fidelity guarantee insurance will protect you from employees stealing from your business.

How much does Food and Beverage insurance cost in Singapore?

Cover Coverage amount (example) Typical premium Explanation Importance for F&B industry
Commercial property insurance $100,000 From $100/year Covers: – Store premises – Inventory – Equipment – All other store contents – Plate glass (e.g. shop windows) Critical
Work injury compensation insurance $10 million $45 sub-limit medical expenses Above limits are statutory requirements by MOM. From $100/year per worker Covers liability if customers get injured in your store. Covers liability if you damage other people’s property (e.g. during renovations/repair work). Critical
Public liability insurance $100,000 From $150/year Covers: – Store premises – Inventory – Equipment – All other store contents – Plate glass (e.g. shop windows) Critical
Fidelity guarantee insurance $5,000 From $100/year Covers employee’s stealing money from you. Good to have

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