Covid-19 (coronavirus) and your business

Confused about how Covid-19 affects your business insurance? Get answers at our Covid-19 FAQ. If you have employees, protect them with Covid-19 Infection Insurance.

Work Injury Insurance (with Covid-19 coverage).

From only $5.00/month per worker.

Provide helps you get the best Work Injury Insurance to protect your company from legal liability due to injured employees. It also pays for workers who get infected with Covid-19.

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Caculate your Work Injury Insurance premium:

Work Injury Compensation Insurance (WICA Insurance) protects your company against legal liability if your workers suffer injuries, or contract illnesses while working.

Work Injury Compensation Insurance covers:
1. Employer legal expenses to defend against work-injury lawsuits
2. Employee medical expenses for work-related injury or illness

Under Singapore’s Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA), employers are legally liable to pay compensation to workers who become hurt or sick while performing work-related activities. 

In Singapore, it is a statutory requirement to provide Work Injury Compensation insurance for:
a. All workers who perform manual labour, regardless of salary level
b. All workers who perform non-manual labour, AND earn less than $1,600 a month

This type of insurance is one of the most common that SMEs purchase. It’s usually very affordable, while providing generous coverage. We highly recommend this type of insurance for all employers, given that your most valuable assets are often your employees. 

What Does Work Injury Compensation Insurance Cover?

It covers two parties:
a. Employers
b. Employees
Coverage for employers:
1. Legal defense costs from employee lawsuits
2. Legal damages to employees injured while working
Coverage for employees:
1. Medical expenses
2. Lost wages while on medical leave (includes salary, bonus, overtime pay, food and housing allowances, but excludes CPF payment)
3. Lump sum compensation for death, or total permanent disability

What types of Covid-19 costs does this cover?

This type of insurance will pay for:
a. Medical expenses
b. Lost wages while on medical leave (includes salary, bonus, overtime pay, food and housing allowances, but excludes CPF payment)
c. Lump sum compensation for death, or total permanent disability

What Does Work Injury Compensation Insurance Not Cover?

  • Self-employed persons
  • Pre-existing illnesses
  • Self-inflicted injuries
  • Injuries or illnesses that do not occur directly because of work activity
  • Injuries incurred as a result of actions that violate company policy
  • Injuries or illnesses sustained from drug or alcohol use

Do I Need Work Injury Compensation Insurance?

If your business or your employees are involved in the following, then this type of insurance is particularly critical for you:
  • Labour intensive industries: construction firms, renovation & interior designers, manufacturing firms, warehouse/storage firms, food & beverage establishments, retail stores, etc.
  • Frequent exposure to outdoor environments: on-site engineers, technicians, goods delivery, road works, building painters, vehicle towing, car-washing, etc.
  • High-hazard industries: scaffolding, shipyards, any business doing offshore work, fishing, working with aeroplanes, etc.

How Much Work Injury Compensation Insurance Do I Need?

For SMEs, it’s advisable to have $50,000 to $100,000 in coverage per employee. Coverage amounts depend on your industry and budget.
Under Singapore law, these minimum coverage amounts are required:
Death – $57,000
Permanent Disability – $73,000
Medical expenses – Up to $30,000, or 1 year of expenses from the date of accident, whichever is reached first

How Much Does Work Injury Compensation Insurance Cost?

  • Non-Manual Worker: Starts from $5/month, per worker
  • Manual Worker: Starts from $15/month, per worker
As you can see, this type of coverage is very affordable for the benefits you’re getting! Prices may be higher for certain higher-risk industries, like manufacturing.
With Provide, you save up to 25% on your premiums. Our digital operating model creates lower overheads, and we pass every dollar saved back to our clients.

Get Work Injury Insurance with Covid-19 coverage now, from only $5.00/month.

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