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Expat Insurance can be configured to pay for hospital treatment, GP/specialist visits, dentist visits, lump-sum payouts after accidents, and more.

An Employee Health Benefits plan provides comprehensive medical coverage for your company. It can cover a very wide variety of medical costs: hospitalisation & surgery fees, GP visits, dentist visits, eye care visits, Critical Illness payouts, Personal Accident payouts, and more. Plans can be customised to offer a basic level of coverage, or to offer generous coverage that would rival even the most premium of private health insurance plans.

Given the high cost of healthcare in Singapore, a good Employee Health Benefits plan is a great way for businesses to attract new employees, retain existing ones, and reward them for their hard work. When designed well, Employee Health Benefits plans are a powerful way to ensure your staff do their very best, and are happy working with your company. 

What does Expat Insurance cover?

You can purchase between $2 million to $6 million coverage, per year. This coverage amount applies per person.

Base cover:


  • Worldwide coverage: You can choose 2 options: Option 1) Worldwide excluding USA, or Option 2) Worldwide including USA. 
  • Private Hospital coverage: You will get a 1-bed room in private hospitals.
  • $0 Deductible and 0% Co-Insurance: You will enjoy a $0 deductible and 0% co-insurance. This means you pay nothing out-of-pocket for claims. This is a highly sought-after feature for health insurance, and only a select few insurers will offer this excellent benefit. This is a standard feature for all our insurance plans. 
  • Hospitalisation & Surgery costs (i.e. inpatient costs): Pays for hospitalisation and surgery costs – e.g. due to illnesses like cancer, treatment following an accident, etc.
  • Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation: Pays for costs to medically evacuate you Examples include getting injured overseas and needing to be airlifted to a hospital.
  • Cancer Treatments: Pays for both inpatient and outpatient cancer treatments, like Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy.
  • Organ Transplants: Pays for costs to transplant organs. Also pays for the costs of the donor to donate the organ to you.
  • Kidney Dialysis: Pays for dialysis treatments.
  • Congenital & Hereditary Diseases: Pays for medical costs to treat congenital & hereditary diseases.
  • HIV/AIDs: Pays for HIV/AIDS treatment.  
  • Lab Tests: Covers blood tests, MRIs, X-Rays, etc.

Add-on covers:


  • Outpatient GP/Specialist/Physiotherapy visits: Pays for GP costs for flu, cold, etc. Pays for Specialist costs for consultations, medication, MRIs, etc. Also pays for physiotherapy sessions.
  • Maternity Care: Pays for delivery of your baby, plus natal services.
  • Dental Care: Pays for routine dental work like cavity filling, scaling, polishing, etc. Also pays for major dental work like root canals and braces.
  • Vision Care: Pays for optician consultations, and new glasses or contact lenses when required.

How do pre-existing conditions affect my Expat Insurance application?

Pre-existing conditions can be covered! You just need to declare these pre-existing conditions when you apply for your Expat Health Insurance with us. The insurer will apply a waiting period, which basically means that there will temporarily be no coverage specifically for your pre-existing conditions, for a set period of time. Waiting periods vary, but may take around 1 year or so.

After the waiting period is over, your pre-existing conditions can then be covered!

What are some health insurance claim examples?

Example 1: Cancer

Sarah is an expatriate from the UK. One day, Sarah falls very ill. Sarah visits a hospital, where she is unfortunately diagnosed with cancer. The oncologist (cancer specialist) who is treating Natalie recommends surgery to quickly remove malignant tumours, followed by 8 weeks of aggressive Chemotherapy to destroy cancerous cells. Natalie goes through the surgery, and is warded for 5 days afterwards, for medical observation.

Although the Chemotherapy treatments successfully pushed the cancer into remission, the powerful drugs have made Sarah very weak. While recuperating at home one day, Sarah accidentally slips in the kitchen, and suffers a hip fracture. Here’s how an Expat Health Insurance plan would take care of Sarah:

TreatmentExpat Health Insurance coverage
Consultations with oncologist (cancer specialist)Covered
Room & board while hospitalisedCovered
6 weeks of ChemotherapyCovered
Surgery to remove tumourCovered under basic plan
Lump-sum cash payout upon cancer diagnosisCovered under Critical Illness add-on
Lump-sum cash payout upon accident from fallCovered under Personal Accident add-on

Example 2: Chronic medical condition + stroke

Tim is a sales manager at your company. Tim has a chronic medical condition, which requires him to visit the GP every month for a regular check-up. One day, while working from home, Tim suddenly suffers a stroke. His family rushes Tim to the hospital’s A&E department. Doctors administer a blood thinner to try to clear Tim’s blood clot. He is hospitalised in the ICU for 3 weeks, for close monitoring, and is eventually discharged. Although Tim survives, he is unfortunately left permanently disabled by the stroke. Here are the costs that an Employee Health Benefits plan would cover:


Employee Health Benefits Coverage

GP consultation and medication

Covered under GP visits add-on

Treatment in A&E

Covered under basic plan

Room & board while hospitalised in ICU

Covered under basic plan

Lump-sum payout for permanent disability due to stroke

Covered under Critical Illness add-on

Is there an age limit for purchasing this health insurance?

No. We accept applicants of all ages.

Can families be covered by this health insurance plan?

Yes. You can easily cover yourself, your spouse, and your children.

Are there discounts for families?

Yes. Families can enjoy up to a 20% discount, depending on the size of the family.

I already have a health insurance plan - can I cover just my children?

Yes, you can purchase this plan just for your children.

How much health insurance coverage do I need?

You can reduce your health insurance coverage at any time. However, once you file your first claim, it may not be so easy to increase your coverage. Remember that the amount of coverage you purchase needs to account for medical inflation. Medical inflation in Singapore runs about 7+% a year. At this rate,  a $300,000 medical bill (quite typical for diseases like cancer) would cost almost $1.2 million in 20 years!

You should therefore consider at least $4 to $6 million in coverage. $2 million in coverage may sound like a generous amount today, but given how quickly medical costs rise each year, even $2 million coverage may not be worth in time to come.

When you speak with our experts, we’ll be happy to advise you on the best plan for your needs.

How much does Expat Insurance cost?

Premiums will generally start from $89/month, per person. Premiums will vary depending on the level of coverage chosen, and the average age of your employees.

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