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As a hawker, your customers rely on you to provide the best food or drink to them. But if your food or beverages result in food poisoning, you can face the threat of expensive litigation or regulatory penalties. Hawkers are also prone to kitchen staff suffering injuries while preparing food. Damage to kitchen equipment and the hawker premises can be incredibly expensive to cover without insurance.
With Provide, you can build yourself a tailored policy to protect your hawker stall. Get comprehensive coverage against legal liability, employee injuries/infectious diseases, kitchen equipment damage, and more.

What insurance do hawkers need?

  • Food poisoning liability insurance: Coverage if you are sued for causing food poisoning to clients.
  • Property all risks insurance: Coverage for risks like fire, water leaks, damage to computers, etc. Protects your premises, kitchen equipment, and inventory.
    For instance, a fire in your kitchen breaks out and destroys your restaurant. This insurance will pay for repairing your restaurant, replacing your kitchen equipment, and replacing the damaged inventory. 
  • Public liability insurance: Coverage if customers injure themselves in your restaurant.
    For instance, one of your staff leaves a puddle on the floor. A customer slips and falls in your restaurant. They can sue you for personal injury damages and medical expenses incurred. 
  • Work injury insurance: Coverage for employee injuries/infectious disease, including Covid-19 infections.
    For instance, one of your waiters gets Covid-19 after interacting with customers, and spreads it to all your other staff. This insurance will pay for lost wages while quarantined, medical expenses, and legal expenses if your workers sue you for creating an unsafe work environment.
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What are the major risks hawkers face?

  • Being sued by customers for food poisoning.
  • Regulatory penalties for food poisoning reports, or food hygiene issues
  • Death, injury or illness of employees. You’ll need Work Injury Compensation Insurance to cover this.
  • Damage to restaurant premises, equipment, and inventory. Fire damage is a major risk for restaurants. 
  • Injuries to customers when dining in your premises. For instance, if a customer slips and falls, they can sue you for personal injury damages and medical expenses.

What are the benefits of using Provide for hawker insurance?

Provide gets you tailored online quotes for hawker insurance, at the lowest premiums. 
  • Save up to 25% on premiums 
  • Save time with our convenient online platform to get quotes, file claims, and manage policies
  • Expert insurance team with 20+ years experience serving both SMEs and lrge multinational firms
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