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As a sports instructor, your clients trust you to deliver fun but safe coaching. However, if your coaching inadvertently ends up causing injury to your trainees, you can face serious liability lawsuits. We make protecting yourself quick & easy, so you can spend more time growing your sports and fitness business. Get broad liability protection with Provide, today.

What does Sports/Fitness Instructors Insurance cover?

Sports/Fitness instructors should consider having the following covers:



Importance for consultants

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Protects you from lawsuits related to coaching advice you provided


Public Liability Insurance

Protects you against liability to third-parties for property damage or injuries.

E.g. you accidentally injure member of the public while coaching a client.


Work Injury Compensation Insurance (WICA Insurance)

Protects your employees if they suffer work-related injuries/sickness.

Legally required for all manual workers (e.g. sports trainers), or workers who earn <$2,600/month


Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Protects your vehicle against damage, and covers drivers liability

Legally required for all commercial vehicles


Professional Indemnity Insurance: If you give professional coaching advice, clients can hold you liable if that advice causes them to suffer injuries. A Professional Indemnity policy that’s designed for sports/fitness instructors is essential to cover your liability exposure.

Public Liability Insurance: If you accidentally injure third-parties (e.g. members of the public, other gym attendees) during your sports/fitness coaching sessions, you can be held liable for that injury. Public Liability Insurance covers you for legal costs like settlements/damages, and lawyer’s fees.

Work Injury Compensation Insurance (WICA Insurance): WICA Insurance is required by MOM for all manual workers, and all workers who earn below $2,600/month. Manual workers would include sports and fitness coaches. Under WICA legislation, employers are liable to pay for work-related medical expenses, and lost wages while on medical leave. WICA Insurance will cover these costs. Given the high cost of healthcare of Singapore, WICA Insurance is critical for sports/fitness companies. 

Commercial Vehicle Insurance: Some sports/fitness instructors will have a commercial vehicle (e.g. a van) to transport their fitness equipment. Commercial vehicle insurance would cover damage to your automobile, and also cover liability to third-parties on the road.

What are the major risks sports/fitness instructors face?

  • Sports instructor liability: Being sued by clients for injuries as a result of your sports coaching. Such lawsuits can easily cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, and could lead to bankruptcy if not properly insured against.

  • Bystander in gym gets injured by you: You were conducting a weig

  • Employee injuries, or Covid-19 infections: Death, injury or illness of employees. You’ll need Work Injury Compensation Insurance to cover this.

  • Business premises damage: Damage to your office/business premises from risks like fire, water leaks, burglary, etc.

  • Commercial vehicle damage: Accidents to your commercial vehicle (if you use one) when moving from training site to training site, or transporting sporting equipment.

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