5 Cheapest Virtual Offices in Singapore: Complete Comparison 2021

cheapest virtual office singapore
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Virtual offices a great way to give your company an official-sounding address, without having to actually rent an office. If you’re registering a company with ACRA, a virtual office is a great way to avoid having to expose your own residential address to the public. These offices are also great for receiving physical items like business mail/parcels, which can be forwarded to you anywhere in the world. With most people working from home, having a virtual office is a great way to maintain a professional corporate image, whilst saving on expensive commercial rentals that eat into your margins. Also, if you’re an entrepreneur who’s located overseas but running a Singapore-based company, a local virtual office is a must. We’ve compiled this list of the cheapest virtual offices in Singapore for entrepreneurs who need a corporate address on a tight budget.


  1. Summaries
  2. EZCorp
  3. OnlyVirtualOffice
  4. VirtualCorp
  5. VOffice
  6. Rovva
  7. Protecting your business


The absolute cheapest virtual office: EZCorp. From $52.80/year ($4.40/month, 12-month contract).

Out of the 5 options listed here, EZCorp is the cheapest virtual office. The next 2 closest competitors are OnlyVirtualOffice ($58/year), and VirtualCorp ($90/year).

Services EZCorp VirtualCorp
Business address
Mail alerts
Self-collect mail
Weekly cheque deposits to major banks: DBS, Maybank, OCBC, UOB
Free web hosting


1st year only

Excludes domain name cost

Shared fax number
Meeting room usage


5 hours/year





($4.40/month, 12-month contract)



($7.50/month, 12-month contract)




($4.99/month, 36-month contract)

It’s interesting to compare EZCorp with VirtualCorp, because for about $40 more each year, you do get some useful benefits like free web hosting (for the 1st year), and weekly cheque deposits to specific banks, which can be a nice convenience.

If you extend your contract to 3 years, however, VirtualCorp’s rate drops to $59.98/year, which is almost similar to EZCorp’s pricing ($52.80/year). If you’re confident that you’re going to need a virtual office for 3 years, then this locked-in plan may be worth considering. Do consider speaking to other business owners who’ve used VirtualCorp’s services first before you sign up for 3 years though.

If you don’t need any additional benefits, and are focused solely on price, then it’s worth looking into EZCorp.

For entrepreneurs based overseas, but whose companies are registered in Singapore: Most of the virtual offices here only include local mail forwarding in their packages. VOffice’s VIP Package includes forwarding letters to overseas addresses for an additional $100/year (there may be a limit on the number of mails they will forward, and top-ups may be required past a certain volume). EZCorp will do overseas letter forwarding for $5/letter, plus courier charges. The other providers in this list did not publicly state their overseas mail forwarding rates, so do contact your chosen virtual office for a custom quote.

An easier alternative would be simply to have your letters scanned and emailed to you. Most of the virtual offices in this list offer this service. However, the only virtual office provider that has publicly stated their mail scanning prices is EZCorp, which charges $180/year for such a service. Consider reaching out to the other providers in this list to see if you can get a better rate.

If you expect to receive parcels and need them forwarded, speak with your virtual office provider for a quote. Do note that not all virtual offices will accept parcels – some will charge a fee per parcel received, while others have a policy to outright reject them. Read the fine print before you sign up!

#1. EZCorp

Website: https://ezcorp.sg/registered-office/

Virtual office address: 2 Venture Drive #14-02 Vision Exchange Singapore 608526

Services Basic Biz Smart Biz
Business address
Email alert for letters received
Self-collect mail
Mail forwarding: Weekly  




Local mail: From 80 cents per letter


Overseas mail: $5 admin fee + courier charge, per letter

Mail scanning Top up $180/year Top up $180/year
Price $52.80/year


($4.40/month, 12-month contract)



($10.25/month, 12-month contract)

Minimum contract period 12 months



EZCorp is the cheapest virtual office provider, out of the 5 virtual offices listed here. Their services are the most basic out of all the offices in this list, but if you’re looking for the absolute lowest rate, EZCorp has it.

#2. OnlyVirtualOffice

Website: https://onlyvirtualoffice.com/

Email: sales@onlyvirtualoffice.com

Phone: +65 6974 2695

Virtual office address: 1 Tampines North Drive 1, T-Space, Singapore 528559

Services Economy Plan Premium Plan Business Plan
Business address
Email alert for letters received
Self-collect mail
Mail forwarding: Weekly Fees per letter:

·       $1 admin fee

·       Postage fee


Singpost Basic Mail (no tracking)

Fees per letter:

·       $1 admin fee

·       Postage fee


Singpost Basic Mail (no tracking)

Fees per letter:

·       $1 admin fee

·       Postage fee


Singpost Basic Mail (no tracking)

Shared fax number
Meeting room usage Book for $15/hour Book for $15/hour


8 hours/year

Price $59/year






From $87.96/month



Minimum contract period 12 months



OnlyVirtualOffice is the 2nd cheapest virtual office provider here. You won’t get any prestigious office addresses when you sign up with them – your office will be at Tampines. Then again, if you’re looking for the cheapest option, you’re probably not concerned about getting a swanky address.

It’s straightforward to sign up for an office address with OnlyVirtualOffice. Here are the steps:

  1. Visit their website, and select 1 out of 3 virtual office plans
  2. Provide basic details like company name and UEN
  3. Make payment online
  4. Receive email confirmation
  5. Update ACRA with your new address
  6. Update OnlyVirtualOffice on your revised ACRA records

OnlyVirtualOffice does offer users of its highest tier (the Business Plan) 8 hours of meeting room usage a year, which is definitely on the low side. You also have to book it at least 3 days in advance by emailing them. The meeting room is compact and fits 5 people. A projector is available on request.

If you have a small team, and don’t need an office environment to entertain clients or business partners, then OnlyVirtualOffice’s bare bones approach could be well-suited for you. You can always host meetings in cafes or other public spots.

#3. VOffice

Website: virtualofficeservices.com.sg

Email: sales@virtualofficeservices.com.sg

Phone: +65 6460 0199

Virtual office address: 22 Sin Ming Lane #06-76 Midview City Singapore 573969

Services Economy Package Business Package VIP Package
Business address
Email alert for letters received
Self-collect mail
Mail forwarding: Weekly


Top-up $30


Forward mail to local addresses only

Top-up $30


Forward mail to local addresses only


Top-up $100


Forward mail to both local and overseas addresses

Shared fax number
Meeting room usage


4 hours/year


8 hours/year

Office room usage


8 hours/year

Price $57/year


($4.75/month, 12-month contract)



($8.10/month, 12-month contract)



($16.40/month, 12-month contract)

Minimum sign-up period 12 months



VOffice is the 3rd cheapest virtual office in this list, starting at $57/year (4.75/month, 12-month contract). They differentiate themselves from other virtual offices by offering you free meeting and office room usage with their mid and highest-tier plans. You do have to book these rooms at least 3 days in advance by emailing them. The meeting room fits 6 people. If you need to meet clients in an office (and not some public space like a café), and only for exceptionally rare occasions, this may be a benefit that you find useful.

You can sign up with VOffice online.

#4. VirtualCorp

Website: virtualofficeservices.com.sg

Email: sales@virtualofficeservices.com.sg

Phone: +65 6735 5181

Virtual office address: 50 Chin Swee Road #09-04, Thong Chai Building. Singapore 169874

Services Start-up Biz-Pro Enterprise
Business address
Daily email and SMS alerts for letters received
Self-collect mail
Weekly cheque deposits to major banks: DBS, Maybank, OCBC, UOB
Mail forwarding: Weekly


Unlimited letters


Unlimited letters

Free web hosting


1st year only

Excludes domain name cost


1st year only

Excludes domain name cost


1st year only

Excludes domain name cost

Shared fax number
Meeting room usage


5 hours/year


30 hours/year


50 hours/year

Free incorporation
Free named corporate secretary


Free annual ECI filing


Free annual return filing
Free annual tax return filing


6 months contract:


1 year contract:


2 years contract:


3 years contract:




























Minimum contract period 6 months



VirtualCorp’s generally provides more benefits compared to the other virtual offices in this list. The free weekly cheque deposit (to the specified banks) is a nice convenience if your clients still pay by cheque. 1 year of free web hosting is also a nice perk to have. It’s good to know that these benefits are included even with their most basic plan.

As move up to their Biz-Pro and Enterprise plans, we see some more useful benefits. Unlimited local mail forwarding is nice (some of the other virtual offices here limit the volume of mail they will forward, and charge for any excess amounts). You also get free incorporation and a named corporate secretary. The highest tier even includes handling your required annual tax returns. This looks to be a comprehensive, all-in-one service that could certainly save you time and effort when starting your company.

VirtualCorp also offers 6-month contracts, which is shorter than the typical 1-year contract that other offices will typically impose on clients.


#5. Rovva

Website: https://www.rovva.com/

Virtual office address: Choose from approx. 25 different locations across Singapore

Services Virtual Office Virtual Office Mobile Virtual Office Workspace
Business address
Mail handling: Self-collect mail
Mail forwarding: Daily, weekly, or monthly options available Top up Top up Top up
Local telephone number
Live receptionist
Business lounge access


Unlimited usage


Unlimited usage

Community meeting room access


2 hours a day


2 hours a day

Private office access


5 days a month

Price From $59/month From $178/month From $319/month
Discounts 6 months contract – 5% discount


12 months contract – 10% discount


24 months contract – 15% discount

Minimum contract period 1 month


Key office locations:

  • Multiple locations in CBD:
    • Marina Bay Financial Centre
    • 1 Raffles Place
    • Asia Square Tower
    • 1 Fullerton
    • Guoco Tower
  • Multiple locations in Downtown Core:
    • 18 Capitol Singapore (directly opposite City Hall MRT)
    • Spaces Clarke Quay
    • Duo Tower (Bugis)
  • Multiple locations in Orchard Road:
    • TripleOne Somerset
    • Wisma Atria
  • Locations in the East:
    • Paya Lebar Quarter
    • Spaces Joo Chiat (in Katong)
    • Tampines Junction
    • Changi Business Park
  • Locations in the West:
    • Vision Exchange (Jurong, near IMM)
    • Fusionopolis (near One-North MRT)

As you can tell, Rovva has a massive roster of some of the most central locations in Singapore. You can choose from the most premium corporate addresses that Singapore has to offer, all from one virtual office provider.

Some pictures of Rovva’s well-appointed offices:

rovva cheapest virtual office somerset
Rovva’s Somerset Office (111 Somerset). Directly connected to Somerset MRT.


rovva guoco tower cheapest virtual office
Rovva’s Guoco Tower office (1 Wallich Street). Directly connected to Tanjong Pagar MRT.


Image result for rovva north bridge road office
Rovva’s Bugis office (410 North Bridge Road) Just a 5 minute walk away from Bugis MRT / Bras Basah MRT.


Image result for rovva 1 Raffles Place
Rovva’s Raffles office (1 Raffles Place). 1 minute walk to Raffles MRT.

All pictures sourced from Rovva.


Rovva is a global virtual office provider. The sheer size of the company is reflected in the number of virtual office addresses they have here – approximately 25, with the majority of them located right smack in the middle of Singapore’s most exclusive business districts.

You can choose virtual offices in super-prime locations like Marina Bay Financial Centre, Raffles Place, Orchard Road, and Tanjong Pagar. Rovva even has a virtual office at Fullerton, right in front of the Singapore river! If you prefer somewhere closer to residential suburbs, Rovva also has offices at Katong, Tampines, Paya Lebar, Jurong, and Changi. These locations are also cheaper than their CBD locations. If you live near to these areas, non-CBD offices may be a more convenient and wallet-friendly option for you.

Rovva costs the most out of the virtual offices in this list. However, given their selection of prime locations, and some pretty useful perks like frequent office facility access, Rovva isn’t all that expensive – especially if you consider the cost of alternatives, like renting a shared workspace (e.g. WeWork). For instance, Rovva’s “Virtual Office Mobile” plan starts at $178/month, which comes with 2 hours of community meeting room access each day, along with unlimited business lounge access. If you’re an entrepreneur who works from home, but still needs to hold regular in-person business meetings,  then Rovva would be a good option to consider. You can skip noisy cafes and go straight into hosting your business meetings in a polished environment, located at some of Singapore’s best addresses. From their website, Rovva’s offices (particularly their CBD options) seem very well-appointed.

Rovva also has the unique distinction of having the shortest minimum contract period – 1 month. Most providers will enforce a 12-month minimum. They also have live receptionists that are included in their higher tier plans, which other budget options don’t provide for.

Protecting your company:

After you’ve signed up for an affordable virtual office, make sure that you protect your business. We offer the most affordable and comprehensive business insurance plans in Singapore:

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